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SEO is the practice of structuring your website properly and putting the right content in it so the Google search engines will help your users find it more easily.

SEO stands for: Search Engine Optimization

Your website is an Canvas, and you’re the painter. You have to do certain practices if you want to show your artwork to more people. SEO are the brushes and the paints to design your canvas, and the Internet is the gallery to show off your painting.

In other words, more people will see the artwork on your website and when you master the right SEO techniques more people will see it in the gallery. The article will discuss why SEO is so important and how to understand and apply it.


What Is A Internet Search Engine?

When you go to your browser to search for something, you type something on the search bar, and search engines will show you some results related to your topic. The search results would be in a million searches, but only the top searches will appear on the first page. Search console provides two important categories of information: Can google find my content? How am I performing in Google search results.
Google is the leading search engine today, people far more use Google more then any other search engine out there. So we will use Google as our main example in this article. When you search for a topic or intrest in Google, you will see a list of content ranging from web pages, images, news, books, etc., relating to your search. The process in which Google will search all the related content is called Crawling. This crawling, will crawl your Page and search for certain elements and structures of wording to determine what your website, blog, or page is about. This is basically the essence of SEO, learning to structure your website, blog or pages in a way that the search engines will crawl your site and help people find you easier.
As you practice important SEO techniques, this will help you to Rank higher to eventually appear in the number one positions in the Google search engines pages.
Let’s suppose you own a Fitness business. You design a website about your Fitness and talk about exercises, fitness, and and how you are the best in the USA. Now you want that whenever a person Googles “The Best Fitness Websites in the USA,” your web page appears on the top results.
To make that happen, you need to implement good page SEO elements.

The Basics And Importance Of SEO.

We’ve discussed the Search Engine and what its optimization is. Now, let’s talk a bit about their essential features and their importance.

So, coming back to our Fitness website, here is how you can perform SEO.

 1. Site Content: 

There is an SEO expression going around right now that content is the king. So you need to build your website with the best content available today. The best way to do this is to have a burning passion about something, if you have a passion about fitness, this will show through in your content. Also structuring your website so that it is easier to get around and users can find what they are looking for in fitness, this will make the search engines happy. This takes careful planning, so that your fitness website will have the best content available on the web today.

You want to show that you are the number one guy to come too, and the best way to show this is to have a passion for it, and this will shown your page content.

Having great content in your articles, not only will it help the Google search engines find you, it’ll also help your users find you.

Some titles for blogs might be:

  1. 10 Best exercises for your legs.
  2. 14 of the best foods to have good health and Energy
  3. Rest and relaxation, why it’s important to rest to recover to keep in shape.

By writing Content there is engaging, emotional and educational, more people will spend time on your website, the more people that spend time on your website that tells google people are interested in you and this will give you a higher status in the Google search engines. This will bring your website higher on the search pages, and eventually reach number one.

Now it takes time to build the proper website optimize for SEO. It can take months even years to get your website to show up in the number one positions of Google. But investing the time as well worth it. 

2. Keywords:

By properly structuring the content of your website, this will help the crawlers search your Pages and look for certain phrases or words (keywords) so that when someone searches for these words or phrases your website will appear on the search engine pages. 

 You add the related keywords like fitness, exercise, workout, and some other related words in your blogs, so your page rises to the top. Many tricks and tools help you find the correct words for your blogs. But that is a topic in itself.

3. Local SEO:

The local SEO is a little headline about doing some SEO locally. Let’s say that your fitness gym is located in Manhattan. You would then try to do some local SEO so that whenever someone searches for “Fitness in Manhattan,” your shop and website shows on the top.

4. On-Site SEO:

Now that you know a little about Keywords, Local SEO, and Content, it’s time to learn about what On-Site SEO is. 

Wanting to rank for a keyword doesn’t mean you deserve to, even if your traditional on-Page SEO elements are on-point, this where onsite SEO comes into play.

The On-Site SEOis more then writing a blog, including the keywords, and adding images to your content. It’s more like providing a structure to the blogs, information, and the website. When writing blogs, you will want to link to other blogs on your website to give people more information about a certain topic. This is called internal Linking, this will help in the Google rankings of also.

5. Off-Site SEO:

As your website grows and more people find it, other people will write articles and link to your website, this. He’s called backlinks, the more people backlink to you, it shows Google that people find your content important, and want to tell others. 

Learning SEO can seem overwhelming, but if you can remember this as you are learning, the Google search engines are trying to find, websites that have good content to answers people’s needs. So if you’re passionate about what you do, can you portray that on your website, you shouldn’t have a problem.

There are many of tools out there to track & measure SEO results, that will create useful SEO reports.



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Why Is SEO So Important?

So, let’s come back to the importance of SEO. We’ve discussed the basics, now let me recall why SEO practice is highly crucial.

SEO Increases Sales:

The correct SEO strategy will make you rank among the best. This ranking will directly boost the sales of your business if you offer services. More people will get to see fitness website, and more will visit and eventually buy your product or service. 


By building a website, that has the right structure, and has good content, this will make you be seen on the Internet by more people and build your rankings in the Google search images. By researching these topics and and putting them into practice will guarantee that you will rank higher on the search engines.

 A little recap is that Search Engine Optimization is a process that would help your business/website rank among other billions of websites. By doing this, you would be visible to more people and your sales and website visiting people (traffic) will increase.