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What exactly is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO are the actions that are taken away from your website, that impact your rankings in the search engine results pages. They are usually relevant trust worthy and the thought of sites that link to your site, either by reviews, back links, or social media . 

Graph For on-page seo

Having trust worthy relevance website link, or acknowledge your website will definitely improve your rankings in the search engine results. This is the very essence of off-page Seo

Becareful not to overdo any of these techniques, especially with the Google algorithms can recognize this as being to spamy and rank your site lower.

Some of these page SEO techinques will help your website rank higher and faster.

Why you can’t ignore off-page SEO

They are very good reasons not to ignore off page SEO. Most people today like to research and be informed before they engage in any relationship with a website service or product. That is why Off-page SEO is so important. 

When you have people recommending your site, and customers leaving good reviews, when people research this and find these, this gives them the confidence to build a relationship with you. Having the proper off-page SEO will not only build your score in the search results, it helps build your credibility from other reliable and relatable websites to yours. As your online web presence grows, so will your audience and your status and reliability for your services. 

How to make your off page SEO better


Backlinks are when other websites link, review or share content from your site. Things that are done off your website that will give credit and help people find your site easier. 

More importantly the website should be relevant to yours and also reputable in the Search engine rankings. When you get these kind of links, it tells the search algorithms that your site is a value because you were endorsed by other websites of the same caliber and quality. These kind of endorsements are really valuable in the SEO process. 

Especially if the websites that endorse you are high in ranking and considered valuable on the Internet, getting these types of endorsements will help you rank higher and faster in the SEO process. 

3 types of back links:

1. Natural Link

These are links that are not created by you, these are created when other people find your site and link to it. 

2. Manual link

This is deliberate actions taken to inquire links, this includes getting customers, websites, or influencers to share your contact. Getting people to share your contact and write about it is a very quick way to build your rankings in the SEO process.

3. Self Created link

These are created when you add a back link in an online directory, form, blog comment, or press release with anchor text. Be careful here, in doing this you could be frowned upon by the search engines. Some of these techniques are known as Black hat SEO. Be careful of black hat techniques. Blackhat techniques can make you rank lower in the search engines very fast. Do you research with these type of links, make sure they are not categorized as black Hat. especially with the Google algorithms they can recognize these pretty easily.

Customer Service:

People don’t begin to realize that good customerservice, is another great way of building your Off-page SEO. Having great customer service travels by word-of-mouth, when that happens people will want to visit your site. Have a great customer service, and people talking about you, will build your brand and make you known as top class of your brand, service or niche you’re in.

Paid Ads

Another way of bringing customers to your site is through paid advertising, most people don’t consider paid marketing a part of SEO, but I do, it’s a way of bring people to your sign, that is not a part of the on-page SEO process. Using Google ads, Facebook, and other forms of social media and paid advertising to bring people to your site will also boost your rankings and give you a credible score. Some people believe that paying for ads is not really a part of SEO, but if it’s building your rankings, which paid ads can do, I think it’s well part the SEO process. If you have the budget I think it is well worth it to put it into ADS.

Why does off-page SEO matter?

According to over 20% of your rankings account for half page SEO. There is a significant high amount of your ranking.

When properly executing the right off-page SEO, this can dramatically increase your rankings in the search engine results 

But keep in mind all the things that make up the SEO process as you are building your off-page SEO.

  1. Good website content ( engaging to read )
  2. on-page SEO ( internal links, good structure )
  3. Offpage SEO ( back links, reviews, endorsements from other websites )
  4. Good customer service ( going above and beyond other websites )
  5. User friendly website ( able to find anything on your website easily )

Off-page SEO is only one of the many things you need to consider on making a great website that brings traffic and can be profitable.

Things That Will Hurt Your Website.

1. Black Hat Techniques

These are usally techniques that go outside the realm of the algorithms of the search engine. When trying to cheat the algorithms or bypass them in a illegal way and if the algorithms detected, can either get your website banned, or rank really low in the search engines. These techniques are usually used when people try to cheat the system. You have to put your thinking cap on, the Google search engines are looking for good engaging content, people and businesses that back what they say, they are not trying to scam, spam or try to cheat people. 

2. Broken Backlinks

A broken back link is where a website is linking to an article that is on your website that you have removed. It usually shows up as a 404 page or error page. Some of the ways to fix these are restore the page, or redirect the user to a different page of relevance on your website.