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SEO Techniques to Build Profitable Websites

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Is your content messy in your blogs or post? It may be high quality, but is it organized quality content ?

It is common knowledge that search engines use spiders to find and track all the relevant information on the web. So, when a spider comes along, it follows each link it finds and brings you the content it finds most relevant and important.

Here are some things a spider (or spider bots) love to see:
Content with quality links

Spider bots are looking for sites with good content (or at least content that has been peer-reviewed, edited, and formatted for readability) with links. If you write great content, it could be your most profitable piece of content if readers love your content and link to it.

Content with keywords

Incorporating keywords within your content can be a tricky business, because if you forget to include them and they are missing from the meta-tags or anchor text, spiders will not find them.

Content that has been indexed by spiders

Spiders are looking for the content that is most relevant for the terms it was given, and that it has been indexed on its journey. If you can prove to the bot you are the most relevant page on your site for a given search term, it will reward you with a higher ranking.

Content that is related to a search term (or keyword)

Most of us know that we will be shown only the content that is relevant to the terms we search on. For better results, you could always ask your clients if they would link to your content or content from their page.

In short, a successful search engine optimisation campaign does not mean writing great articles for your clients, but writing content that is indexed. Also, be selective about what links you use so that they are relevant to the keywords you are targeting as well.

How to Do It?

 It’s that simple. Just give us the story you were going to tell anyway, and we can bring it together in a way that works for your marketing campaign. Sometimes its as easy as just throwing in a paragraph or two of keywords.

Or it can be more involved. Like this week, were writing about how a married couple, Terry & Jill started to save on their monthly billing expenses by using coupons. That sounds pretty generic and plain doesn’t it. Here is the catch, after a while, Terri and Jill started to notice a pattern, they developed a plan and after two years paid off all their loans, and in 4 years bought a new house, just in using coupons! They developed a nine point system in using coupons. Now if you were someone in debt, would you be interested in reading that?

The path for content marketers is clear. In order to boost SEO rankings, gain traffic and/or leads, you need to have great content on your blog or website.

You can find examples of this in just about any article you write. What you want to do, or at least what I want you to do, is find the one that will work for your business and its message, and produce content that will encourage your audience to do something.

The idea behind this strategy isnt that it has a high conversion rate. More than anything, its just good content, and you want visitors to do something while they’re reading. Thats the whole point.

So, what do you need to do in order to do it? You start with a topic, and then you go about writing your article around that topic. The idea is to write the topic down and then fill in all the blanks with as many details about the article topic as possible. You do not want just a bunch of paragraphs filled with keywords, and you do not want paragraphs filled with lists. It has to feel natural, and you want to write a topic that has real substance. Something has to hold your audience, and in this case, your reader.

Once you’ve written the article topic, you then need to get people to engage with it. This is where your link building comes into play. What you need to do is post your article to article directory sites, and social network sites like Facebook, Google+, Tweetdeck (which also lets you post your URL) and StumbleUpon (which also lets your link to a new page based on your content in the post). If you have something new to talk about, then you might want to add links to other related articles and websites that you have in your library. But the idea is to get people to engage with it, because that means there is something worth talking about, and that you have a topic that offers something that your audience can latch onto.

If you do this consistently, then your search ranking will improve, and your article will get more exposure in the search results, and if you can do it regularly, then you will eventually get ranked higher in the results. So, you need to build links to your blog in other article directories, and social network sites, as well as to blogs that are relevant to your topic. This will gradually get you a higher placement in Google’s search results.

Here is useful article to help you write good content: 10 Useful Tools For Writing Compelling Content For SEO. 

Simple Tips to Organize and Produce Your Content

Here are a few tips to start organizing and producing your content.

Content organization and production:

Notes thumbtacked in orderly fashion on corkboard

The best way to organize your content is to break it down into bite-size pieces and place them in specific places on your site. The best way to do this is using tables. You can use either fixed width tables or list boxes but either way you need to use headers and place bullets somewhere on the page – preferably near the headings and preferably around them.

Headers should be used to separate groups of related info. Use a header near the top of the page to give this info. The heading can be used to link the info in one group to another. This is a great way to link to the head of the page to give the info in that section.

Bullets should be used to break the info out into different pages. If one section is about “dog grooming” then put an arrow under that heading to link it to another page on your site that is about dog grooming. Arrows and lists boxes are also handy to group the pages together.

Keep the info separated – as easy as that! Keep it all in one place for easy lookup. Its easier to just keep a table in the header area and then break that apart with a bullet on the actual page.

Also – the table should be linked with an asterisk – so when someone clicks on it you will bring up the info section with a link to the heading. Use the same system for the list box.

The Importance of SEO in Marketing Your Website

In most cases, if not all, one of the first problems the vast majority of online advertisers will have is the sheer volume of content from all sources – blogs, webinars, article sites, video sites, forums, social networking sites, and so on.

Dont panic if none of this sounds familiar! Its only because you haven’t heard the names of a few of the many popular and growing sites that you need to be wary of, but these sites collectively are responsible for growing the web in ways you may not have even been aware of. Its these sites that will eventually grow your website, and that is what you want to ensure is on your website. 

Content marketing is the process of planning, creating, distributing, sharing, and publishing content to reach your target audience. It can boost factors like brand awareness, sales, reach, interactions, and loyalty.

If you think you’re ready to start growing your business, start with a website that doesnt exist, or at least not yet. That will give you both time and space to grow your business without worrying about how to get it indexed by search engines. You may want to consider a site that already exists, but one with only a few pages. This site will give you some content that your prospective customers will find interesting, even valuable, and that will have links you can use for growing your business. The site will remain relatively static, and in turn grow organically. Once the visitors are here, they will find you a valuable resource that will provide a continual flow of new visitors to your site.

Salesman presenting gift over counter

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique that has helped many people realize their online success. Its not the be all and end all, but as a step forward in marketing your website, its a worthwhile investment.

Remember that good content that is engaging, interesting, and doesn’t sound technical with big words, that is going to keep your audience attention. It should have a natural and real life flow to your article. Something that people can relate to, content that is engaging with the every day life, that is answering the questions or problems that your audience is asking. If you keep this in mind you’ll be starting from a great position, and just remember always think of your audience. Write for them.

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