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By | July 18, 2015
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A Review on: WordAi

WordAi was launched in 2012 as the ultimate content spinner that actually reads and understands what your article is about. It utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to generate content that reads as if it was written by a human.

  • Ease of Use
  • Turing Spinner
  • Standard Spinner
  • Foreign Language Spinner

wordaiSince the inception of WordAi there has been a lot of talk about how the new spinner that claims to be number one in the industry of content spinning leaves it’s competition in the dust.

While browsing through the forums and looking for reviews on the new content spinner, you tend to come across allot of disinformation. It is nearly impossible to be able to differentiate the ideas of certain forum members. You never know what some may have up their sleeves.

After over a year of wondering if this spinner was up to par with the claims that many have made about it. I decided it was time to look into it myself and try it out for some of my own SEO campaigns.

Since Google is now being so strict with content that is published and indexed on the SERPs. It has become impossible to rank websites with garbage content made by one click rewrites. It’s no longer viable to produce spun content for your tier one links. You won’t even make it in the top 100 results if your just throwing spun content around your links all of the time.

WordAi offers three separate spinners within their system:

  • Standard Spinner – Basically offers you the kind of quality that you would get with any other standard spinner.
  • Turing Spinner – Using artificial intelligence, the turing spinner is the ground breaking state of the art spinner that generates high quality spintax that should appear to be written by a human.
  • Foreign Language Spinner – A brand new addition to the WordAi Spinners. Includes Spanish, French, Italian.

Where this spinner does beat the competition is in the quality of spun content that it outputs. When you compare the spin that any other spinner on the market today gives you with a one click rewrite. It certainly can’t compare to the quality that WordAi gives you.

It is also good to note that the seed article (original article to spin from) is well written and of high quality. Because if the seed article is not well written, then the spun content that any software will generate is going to sound even worse than the original. There is no way any software available on the net will produce well written content that flows naturally from a seed article that just simply reads and sounds like crap.

What About The Foreign Language Spinner?

I had been searching all over the place for a foreign language spinner so that I can spin my Spanish content with it. Since all other spinners like the best spinner and chimp re-writer can’t come up with good synonyms for my content. So I thought “Wow! Finally, the Spanish spinner I’ve been searching for!”.

To test it first though before getting a whole unique article written up. I composed a few sentences and threw it into WordAi’s foreign language spinner hoping that the output would be a decent one. Unfortunately it wasn’t what I had expected at all.

I am fluent in Spanish, so I know when a sentence or phrase doesn’t make sense at all.

As for the other languages in there, there is no way for me to evaluate the kind of quality that the WordAi system outputs there. I do suggest anyone out there that speaks French or Italian to try it out for themselves. If you do let us know how it goes!

Now I am thinking that there really is no Spanish content spinner out there that can accommodate to my needs. Maybe I will need to develop my own Spanish spinner someday?..

Overall I feel that the WordAi content spinner can still be a nice and useful addition to any serious internet marketer’s arsenal. There is really no alternative right now that can spin content with the kind of readability that WordAi brings you.

Content is king and will always be. Stay ahead of Google updates and spin your content the right way to achieve long lasting results on the SERPs.

WordAi offers a free 3 day trial, so you can test it out for yourself and see the kind of quality that it has to offer you.

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