Why You Can’t Rank Squat on Google

By | December 5, 2016

Are you an SEO that has been struggling to rank things on Google lately?

You may be wondering, “What the heck is going on here?”girl-pulling-hair-out-e1402133039410

I remember back in 2013 when it was stupid easy to rank whatever I wanted, and in tough niches! Especially YouTube videos since that has been my specialty since I started my journey into the internet marketing space back in 2011.

As the years have passed, Google has continually updated their algorithm successfully.

Although they have updated their algorithm to take spam content off of their results in most niches. There still are plenty of niches where spam is alive and well.

By doing some simple research within untapped industries you can definitely find some gems that are just waiting to get crushed by spam.

However, we are now in a digital era where things are going to have to be tougher to rank. As we continue to advance digitally as a society we know that Google will eventually have a very complex algo that no one or perhaps a select few; will be able to game.

The best route for us SEOs is to now look forward to the new digital space and embrace it.

Instead of pumping garbage content that doesn’t help anyone, focus on creating content within whatever niche you are trying to profit off of with compelling and helpful content.

For example if you are talking about Viagra, make sure that you actually give the reader something that helps them with their serious issue!

Create Compelling Content

Look at what your competitors are doing. It’s as simple as it sounds. Take a look at the current results doing well on page one of Google for your targeted keywords and make sure that the content that you are providing is BETTER than theirs.

Now I know that many SEOs out there are saying, “Well it doesn’t really matter because you see, there are always low quality sites ranking on page one for some terms”. And yes that’s right, but only for a select number of terms and in select niches.

If you happen to land a nice niche that has these low quality crap sites ranking on page one with spam, then by all means out spam them and out rank them while you’re at it.

However, if you are getting into a niche where you find there to be the opposite scenario then I suggest that you stick with what I am advising you to do. Or you will ultimately fail and get nowhere.

Google loves content that actually helps and engages with their users. Because after all, they are their users using their search engine in order to find what they are looking for online. If you are providing valuable content that is going to help them on their quest for information then you will succeed with your site.

To Write Content or Not to Write Content?

Many of us hate having to churn out articles for our money sites. But if you are in a niche that you just don’t have any remote interest in then you are going to have to invest some money into buying articles that will compel your readers to not only enjoy being on your site, but also share your content with the world on social media.

Or maybe you are like me and simply don’t have the time to write out articles for many niches that your sites are in because then you would simply be spending all day writing articles for your site and not making any money.

Invest money into articles that are worth investing in. It is going to be tough to find great writers that actually now how to write properly. Let alone write engaging sales copy for a website.

Make sure to always ask for samples before you order content from them or you will most likely get screwed over. Especially if you are getting the content off of some forum user online. I won’t mention forum names at the moment but later I probably will.

Where to Find Great Writers?

If you are looking to hire a writer then I would suggest looking at the following service below. This is a service that I actually have used myself and rely on for much of my content needs. (Except of course; for content that I write myself at TheEliteseo.com)

Content Will Remain King

It’s a fact that content continues to remain king and those that are not fit for the race will not make it through. The spun or low quality content that we were used to ranking back in 2013 and earlier is no longer a possibility.

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