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By | May 24, 2014
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A Review on: No Hands Proxies

No Hands Proxies helps you scrape thousands of proxies from the internet with a click of a mouse. You can utilize these proxies for stuff like checking PR, scraping and submissions.

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no hands proxies review


After spending hundreds of dollars on proxies, I figured it would be best to invest some money into a tool that would scrape thousands of proxies for me. For FREE. If your like me, no one likes to be paying monthly fees for services.

So I began doing my research into proxy harvesting and scraping software. I came across about 3 of them during my hunt. Luckily for me. During the time that I was doing my research I found No Hands Proxies.

It’s a great little proxy scraping and checking software that is equipped with many settings and options to choose from. You can literally have No Hands Proxies scraping public proxies for each specific tool/method in which you plan on using these proxies for. Since the beginning of its launch it has received many positive reviews online. Which is somewhat surprising since competitor software has not had near the amount of praise that No Hands Proxies has received so far, despite it’s short time frame here on the internet.

No Hands Proxies was launched in the month of February and Year 2014. I am not a user of the No Hands SEO Software but I noticed that there is not much buzz on the net around that software either. Seems a bit fishy to me because every SEO I talk to or follow on the forums give good reviews about the No Hands SEO software as well.

It might be that it actually is a great SEO software and people just want to keep it covert from the rest of the SEO population. I will be purchasing NHSEO soon so that I can give you guys a thorough review on it as well. I feel that the 7 day trial is not enough for even personal use.

There is also a 7 day trial for the No Hands Proxies software also by the way, if you would like to give it a go. Here are some of the options that No Hands proxies has within it’s settings below.

No Hands Proxies Settings

no hands proxies settings

As you can see, the setting within No Hands Proxies are pretty straight forward. In case you are confused about a certain option. Simply hovering over each option brings up this little yellow box you see there outlining the function of each specific option and even gives you an example of what it does.

These settings you see here are my own personal settings which I use when scraping proxies. They are very similar to the settings that the maker of No Hands Proxies has in his video tutorial on how to get No Hands Proxies up and running. As for the rest of the settings, I didn’t mess much with those since it was not necessary for my purpose of using these scraped proxies.

Only one I did use and make sure was ticked was the passed website checks option. If your using this for GSA Search Engine Ranker then you definitely want these proxies to be Google passed proxies. Here is the example below on how to get this done.

No Hands Proxies Passed Website Checks

NO hands proxies website checks

And now you are set to start scraping tons of proxies to import into GSA SER conveniently. I have managed to scrape thousands of Google passed proxies with this software and imported them into GSA SER effectively. As a result of this, I’ve built thousands of backlinks to my campaigns and most importantly thousands of those links have been verified links.

This software is normally $77 but you can get No Hands Proxies at an exclusive discounted price of only $57 here. Check out some of the reviews on No Hands Proxies by reputed Internet Marketers over at BHW.

No Hands Proxies Reviews

no hands proxies reviews


no hands proxies Trial

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