How To Rank YouTube Videos – 7 Simple Steps

By | March 2, 2017

I’ve decided to finally release a guide on How to Rank YouTube Videos in 7 Simple Steps.

Since I see so many internet marketers making the same mistakes over and over again. I also see channels that are already successful but yet lacking the proper optimization that should be incorporated in order to achieve maximum exposure of their videos.

Sure, great content plus click-bait titles can lead to success. But there will come a time soon where YouTube will finally decide to pull the plug on such videos with click-bait titles. I myself have received notifications from YouTube requesting feedback about the percentage of clickbait titles from my YouTube home.

So sit back, relax, and take notes as you read through my in depth guide on how to properly rank your YouTube videos.

1. Optimize Your Video File Name

Make sure that you give your video file a name that includes your keyword in it at the beginning. If you already have a title in mind for your video, you can insert that instead; but before you do that, read on.

2. Optimize The Video Title

You want to make sure that you properly optimize the title of your video. This is really going to make or break your whole campaign.

Make sure that your title contains your main keyword from the beginning.

I usually first insert the keyword and a hyphen or bar after it, then include whatever else I want within the title to grab the user’s attention etc.

3. Add Content to The Description of The Video

This is what a lot of content creators are lacking.

Adding a proper description with the right length and optimization is the key to success. If you want to rank your video, you want to be sure that you have long descriptions on your videos.

You don’t have to get all fancy with your description but it is helpful to write out a description that talks about what’s within the video itself.

I would say that at least 250 words would suffice, but the more the better!

Sprinkle your main keyword and LSI keywords within the description. The more content that you include, the more you can include your keyword within that content.

Try not to overdo it because that will hinder your results as well. Keep keyword density under 2% to be on the safe side.

Something that may seem to be common sense but also a lot of content creators and even marketers fail to add to their video descriptions is their website URL!

I usually add my site URL first, but as you can see for this video description above I had chosen to instead inject my keyword in there for testing purposes.

You can do either or, I just always recommend placing your URL at the beginning of your description though for maximum exposure to your brand or whatever you are trying to do.

Pro Tip: If you have a script, include that script in your description. You can place content below that if there is still room. This helps A LOT with rankings.


4. Submit Video URL to The Search Engines

I always make sure to submit my video URL to the search engines using either Pingler or Pingomatic for quick indexing and faster results in general.

5. Start Building Links to Your Video

I usually start a GSA SER campaign right after step #4 because I want to get results as quick as possible. You can procrastinate if you want though, it’s just going to take you a bit longer to rank your video.

Pro Tip: Make sure that your video is indexed in Google before you begin building links.

6. What kind of Links Should You Build to Your Video?

Stay away from building crap blog comments or any other crap links that are not contextual.

Build contextual links with either original content or highly spun content that reads well and is unique. It is absolutely vital that the content you are using to build links is readable and unique or you are going to simply waste your time and money.

I would also advise to stay away from seo services that are cheap since most of those guys offering cheap seo services are offering them at low prices for that very reason, cheap seo will produce mediocre results. And they are certainly not going to waste their time writing up great content for your links.

Although you may be able to get some kind of results within some small niches, I would advise to instead take a more effective and long term approach by building quality links that will stand the test of time.

Another reason why you also want to build quality links is so that you don’t have issues with getting them indexed on Google. Otherwise you will have an extremely tough time ranking anything.

The Kinds of Links you Want to Focus on Building

  • Web 2.0s
  • Articles
  • Wiki
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Video
  • Social Network

7. The Secret Sauce?

One of the secret ingredients to this great recipe for success is of course one that is usually necessary in any SEO strategy in general.

Social media shares! You want to make sure that while you are running your campaign for your video, you are sharing it on social media channels as well. This will greatly aid in getting your campaign off the ground and moving your video to the top of the search engines.

For your social media shares I always recommend that you go with a service provider that actually knows what they’re doing, otherwise that will also screw up your whole campaign and lead you nowhere.

Make sure that you not only read the reviews of the provider but that you also first do a test run on a random link to see the type of quality they are offering.

Pro Tip: Stay away from blasting G+ signals to your video unless you are certain that the provider knows what they’re doing (which the majority don’t) as this will also kill your campaign.

Where to Buy Social Media Services?

I’m sure everyone has already heard of places like fiverr. That is the last place that you want to go looking for social media services. And any other SEO service in general. Unless you are looking to have a hard time down the road with your campaign.

Invest in safe services that actually will yield results.

One that I have used personally for over 3 years now and always recommend is Socialadr.

The team at SocialAdr has a great system in place that is very simple to get started with for anyone. Even if your new at the internet marketing game.

You can get shares from places like: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

Give it a shot and let me know how it works out for you. They have great pricing as well on there packages that could get anyone up and running in no time.

Just To Sum Up

Ranking YouTube videos on Google can be quite a challenge when you do not have the right resources and the essential knowledge necessary.

With the guide that I have provided here, anyone should be able to get their videos ranking on Google within 2 months or less, depending on the competition of course! And the type of niche that you are going after.

I will be updating this post with new information as things begin to change in the coming months.

Making sure that we all stay up to date with the latest search engine advances that Google makes will dictate whether or not we are successful in this game of SEO for the long term.

SEO is not dead, people’s brains are dead.

Let me know in the comments below how this post has helped you and do let me know how your campaigns turn out!

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