Best Proxies For GSA Search Engine Ranker

By | June 16, 2014

Many Proxy Providers, But Who to Trust?

Many people have asked where they can find the best proxies for GSA Search Engine Ranker. After using basically all of the proxy providers out there on the internet. I’ve came to the conclusion that you cannot stick with only one provider. But you can stick with a couple as your primary proxy provider. There are many factors that come into play when choosing your proxies and proxy provider. Each proxy provider have their own different set of proxies they sell to fulfill certain purposes for their users. In this article I want to give you a short review on each proxy provider I have used in the past and still presently use for my SEO campaigns.



1. Buy Proxies

I want to label these guys number one because as their slogan states, they’ve got “proxies with balls”. And not only that but their customer service is top notch, I would say that they are number one in customer service when compared to other proxy providers out there. Every time I have had an issue with my proxies not working I have simply had to submit a ticket to them via their control panel and I literally get a response in a few minutes with my new set of proxies to use. Instead of getting a worthless response back asking why I’m having such issue or that maybe my software isn’t testing proxies correctly type of nonsense.

I recommend getting the shared proxies since they are a great deal. It’s always recommended though, that you get private proxies to run your SEO software to its maximum potential. With shared proxies you never know if the other users that have access to your same proxies are doing the exact same thing as you. Either scraping Google or submitting links to sites that your submitting to. This hinders your results. If you have the budget, get private proxies instead.

I use these proxies mainly for submitting and scraping with Scrapebox (SB) and GSA Search engine ranker.


2. Instant Proxies

I have just came across this company a month ago and decided to give it a shot. Everything is going smoothly right now and it seems to be another great proxy provider. However, I have noticed a few negative reviews popping up here and there recently about the company not meeting user’s expectations. So far though I haven’t had any bumps myself with the company but if I do I will be updating this post with info on that front. Nonetheless, these proxies are the cheapest of them all.

I use these proxies for submitting and scraping with GSA Search Engine Ranker.


3. Cheap Private Proxies

This company just launched recently as well. I believe in the beginning of last year (2013). Somewhere around there. At the time of posting this in 2014 this company was only offering what they called “shared private proxies” which translates to shared proxies. Now though, they are offering dedicated proxies as well. These dedicated proxies are being offered at a lower price of $16 per 10 proxies compared to other proxy providers.

I use these proxies for things like checking PR and submitting as well.


I recommend you try these proxy providers for GSA Search Engine Ranker or any other SEO software you use for your campaigns. Whichever fits your budget. Starting out in this SEO game can get expensive so don’t go too overboard with your purchases. But also, do not skimp out on the quality of proxies either.


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