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Why You Can’t Rank Squat on Google

Are you an SEO that has been struggling to rank things on Google lately?

You may be wondering, “What the heck is going on here?”girl-pulling-hair-out-e1402133039410

I remember back in 2013 when it was stupid easy to rank whatever I wanted, and in tough niches! Especially YouTube videos since that has been my specialty since I started my journey into the internet marketing space back in 2011.

As the years have passed, Google has continually updated their algorithm successfully.

Although they have updated their algorithm to take spam content off of their results in most niches. There still are plenty of niches where spam is alive and well.

By doing some simple research within untapped industries you can definitely find some gems that are just waiting to get crushed by spam.

However, we are now in a digital era where things are going to have to be tougher to rank. As we continue to advance digitally as a society we know that Google will eventually have a very complex algo that no one or perhaps a select few; will be able to game.

The best route for us SEOs is to now look forward to the new digital space and embrace it.

Instead of pumping garbage content that doesn’t help anyone, focus on creating content within whatever niche you are trying to profit off of with compelling and helpful content.

For example if you are talking about Viagra, make sure that you actually give the reader something that helps them with their serious issue!

Create Compelling Content

Look at what your competitors are doing. It’s as simple as it sounds. Take a look at the current results doing well on page one of Google for your targeted keywords and make sure that the content that you are providing is BETTER than theirs.

Now I know that many SEOs out there are saying, “Well it doesn’t really matter because you see, there are always low quality sites ranking on page one for some terms”. And yes that’s right, but only for a select number of terms and in select niches.

If you happen to land a nice niche that has these low quality crap sites ranking on page one with spam, then by all means out spam them and out rank them while you’re at it.

However, if you are getting into a niche where you find there to be the opposite scenario then I suggest that you stick with what I am advising you to do. Or you will ultimately fail and get nowhere.

Google loves content that actually helps and engages with their users. Because after all, they are their users using their search engine in order to find what they are looking for online. If you are providing valuable content that is going to help them on their quest for information then you will succeed with your site.

To Write Content or Not to Write Content?

Many of us hate having to churn out articles for our money sites. But if you are in a niche that you just don’t have any remote interest in then you are going to have to invest some money into buying articles that will compel your readers to not only enjoy being on your site, but also share your content with the world on social media.

Or maybe you are like me and simply don’t have the time to write out articles for many niches that your sites are in because then you would simply be spending all day writing articles for your site and not making any money.

Invest money into articles that are worth investing in. It is going to be tough to find great writers that actually now how to write properly. Let alone write engaging sales copy for a website.

Make sure to always ask for samples before you order content from them or you will most likely get screwed over. Especially if you are getting the content off of some forum user online. I won’t mention forum names at the moment but later I probably will.

Where to Find Great Writers?

If you are looking to hire a writer then I would suggest looking at the following service below. This is a service that I actually have used myself and rely on for much of my content needs. (Except of course; for content that I write myself at

Content Will Remain King

It’s a fact that content continues to remain king and those that are not fit for the race will not make it through. The spun or low quality content that we were used to ranking back in 2013 and earlier is no longer a possibility.

WordAi Review – My Honest Opinion

wordaiSince the inception of WordAi there has been a lot of talk about how the new spinner that claims to be number one in the industry of content spinning leaves it’s competition in the dust.

While browsing through the forums and looking for reviews on the new content spinner, you tend to come across allot of disinformation. It is nearly impossible to be able to differentiate the ideas of certain forum members. You never know what some may have up their sleeves.

After over a year of wondering if this spinner was up to par with the claims that many have made about it. I decided it was time to look into it myself and try it out for some of my own SEO campaigns.

Since Google is now being so strict with content that is published and indexed on the SERPs. It has become impossible to rank websites with garbage content made by one click rewrites. It’s no longer viable to produce spun content for your tier one links. You won’t even make it in the top 100 results if your just throwing spun content around your links all of the time.

WordAi offers three separate spinners within their system:

  • Standard Spinner – Basically offers you the kind of quality that you would get with any other standard spinner.
  • Turing Spinner – Using artificial intelligence, the turing spinner is the ground breaking state of the art spinner that generates high quality spintax that should appear to be written by a human.
  • Foreign Language Spinner – A brand new addition to the WordAi Spinners. Includes Spanish, French, Italian.

Where this spinner does beat the competition is in the quality of spun content that it outputs. When you compare the spin that any other spinner on the market today gives you with a one click rewrite. It certainly can’t compare to the quality that WordAi gives you.

It is also good to note that the seed article (original article to spin from) is well written and of high quality. Because if the seed article is not well written, then the spun content that any software will generate is going to sound even worse than the original. There is no way any software available on the net will produce well written content that flows naturally from a seed article that just simply reads and sounds like crap.

What About The Foreign Language Spinner?

I had been searching all over the place for a foreign language spinner so that I can spin my Spanish content with it. Since all other spinners like the best spinner and chimp re-writer can’t come up with good synonyms for my content. So I thought “Wow! Finally, the Spanish spinner I’ve been searching for!”.

To test it first though before getting a whole unique article written up. I composed a few sentences and threw it into WordAi’s foreign language spinner hoping that the output would be a decent one. Unfortunately it wasn’t what I had expected at all.

I am fluent in Spanish, so I know when a sentence or phrase doesn’t make sense at all.

As for the other languages in there, there is no way for me to evaluate the kind of quality that the WordAi system outputs there. I do suggest anyone out there that speaks French or Italian to try it out for themselves. If you do let us know how it goes!

Now I am thinking that there really is no Spanish content spinner out there that can accommodate to my needs. Maybe I will need to develop my own Spanish spinner someday?..

Overall I feel that the WordAi content spinner can still be a nice and useful addition to any serious internet marketer’s arsenal. There is really no alternative right now that can spin content with the kind of readability that WordAi brings you.

Content is king and will always be. Stay ahead of Google updates and spin your content the right way to achieve long lasting results on the SERPs.

WordAi offers a free 3 day trial, so you can test it out for yourself and see the kind of quality that it has to offer you.

wordai spinner

GSA SER Email Verification Trick – Save Money & Build More Links!

I have been meaning to share my GSA Search Engine Ranker email verification trick with you guys for quite some time now. I am happy to announce that I have finally compiled the necessary steps for you to get your own email verification account figured out. You can now save allot of money and time from buying worthless emails which you will later need to replace over and over again for every campaign you create with GSA SER. Now, I want to let you guys know that this is not a method that I came up with but it was composed by me from a number of sources which put a spin on the first method I came across online. Due to my in depth research, I summed all of these little techniques up together and created one simple method from these sources.

The first source from which I found out about the first email verification trick method from was a blackhat SEO forum that is no longer live. The owner took on a new venture and now that thread from where the original method was laid out is gone forever from the search engines. I decided it was time I took the torch and published my own GSA SER email verification method for everyone out there to see.

I have created a video tutorial and have listed it on my YouTube channel as a private unlisted video so that Google spies don’t ruin this method anytime soon. Only you, the reader, have access to this secret method. Watch the GSA SER email verification trick video tutorial below. Please share it with other internet marketers you know and trust. Let me know your thoughts and how it works out for you in the comments below.

Best Proxies For GSA Search Engine Ranker

Many Proxy Providers, But Who to Trust?

Many people have asked where they can find the best proxies for GSA Search Engine Ranker. After using basically all of the proxy providers out there on the internet. I’ve came to the conclusion that you cannot stick with only one provider. But you can stick with a couple as your primary proxy provider. There are many factors that come into play when choosing your proxies and proxy provider. Each proxy provider have their own different set of proxies they sell to fulfill certain purposes for their users. In this article I want to give you a short review on each proxy provider I have used in the past and still presently use for my SEO campaigns.



1. Buy Proxies

I want to label these guys number one because as their slogan states, they’ve got “proxies with balls”. And not only that but their customer service is top notch, I would say that they are number one in customer service when compared to other proxy providers out there. Every time I have had an issue with my proxies not working I have simply had to submit a ticket to them via their control panel and I literally get a response in a few minutes with my new set of proxies to use. Instead of getting a worthless response back asking why I’m having such issue or that maybe my software isn’t testing proxies correctly type of nonsense.

I recommend getting the shared proxies since they are a great deal. It’s always recommended though, that you get private proxies to run your SEO software to its maximum potential. With shared proxies you never know if the other users that have access to your same proxies are doing the exact same thing as you. Either scraping Google or submitting links to sites that your submitting to. This hinders your results. If you have the budget, get private proxies instead.

I use these proxies mainly for submitting and scraping with Scrapebox (SB) and GSA Search engine ranker.


2. Instant Proxies

I have just came across this company a month ago and decided to give it a shot. Everything is going smoothly right now and it seems to be another great proxy provider. However, I have noticed a few negative reviews popping up here and there recently about the company not meeting user’s expectations. So far though I haven’t had any bumps myself with the company but if I do I will be updating this post with info on that front. Nonetheless, these proxies are the cheapest of them all.

I use these proxies for submitting and scraping with GSA Search Engine Ranker.


3. Cheap Private Proxies

This company just launched recently as well. I believe in the beginning of last year (2013). Somewhere around there. At the time of posting this in 2014 this company was only offering what they called “shared private proxies” which translates to shared proxies. Now though, they are offering dedicated proxies as well. These dedicated proxies are being offered at a lower price of $16 per 10 proxies compared to other proxy providers.

I use these proxies for things like checking PR and submitting as well.


I recommend you try these proxy providers for GSA Search Engine Ranker or any other SEO software you use for your campaigns. Whichever fits your budget. Starting out in this SEO game can get expensive so don’t go too overboard with your purchases. But also, do not skimp out on the quality of proxies either.


301 Nuke Review

301 Nuke – How it Nukes Your Sites to #1!

301 Nuke is a new software that has just recently launched before the creation of this article right here which you are reading right now at this very moment. I noticed 301 Nuke on someone’s signature while browsing through the forums the other day. Seeing that a trusted member and good friend of mine was promoting the product, I knew I had to get my hands on it as well.

301 Nuke has been the cause of my success in getting allot more backlinks to my URLs.  Before getting the 301 Nuke Software I was having difficulty trying to build as many links as I could to my URLs with GSA Search Engine Ranker. Now I’m able to build thousands of extra links with the help of 301 Nuke.


301 nuke review


301 Nuke Best Practice Guide Bonus

301 nuke link indexing

Another nice thing about 301 Nuke is that it comes with a bonus guide that helps you get the software up and running in no time. The bonus guide also comes with some nice unique methods for shooting your site up to the top!

I will be giving you a little brief tutorial on how to get 301 Nuke set up and show you an excerpt from the bonus guide that comes with the software within the video below. Build tons of links to your sites with the help of 301 Nuke today.

This software has been kept pretty low key around the forums and not much has been mentioned about it if you do your research. But I do assure you that many big players in the SEO game have been exploiting this software conveniently for what it has to offer.

With the help of this great software you will be creating a bunch of shortened URLs in no time for your sites and videos. You not only get the benefit of shortened URLs but you also get the benefit of more protection for your money site.

If you are building links to your tier one URLs you will also be receiving added protection from these shortened URLs. Giving you the ability to just blast away at them with no problems. You can also get your 301s indexed right away by simply inserting you API key from your favorite link indexing site.


301 Nuke Sample Report

After your campaign has completed, the software automatically puts out a nice report containing your shortened URLs as a .txt file as seen below:


301 nuke sample

Get 301 Nuke – Begin Blasting Your Sites To #1 of Big G


No Hands Proxies Review

no hands proxies review


After spending hundreds of dollars on proxies, I figured it would be best to invest some money into a tool that would scrape thousands of proxies for me. For FREE. If your like me, no one likes to be paying monthly fees for services.

So I began doing my research into proxy harvesting and scraping software. I came across about 3 of them during my hunt. Luckily for me. During the time that I was doing my research I found No Hands Proxies.

It’s a great little proxy scraping and checking software that is equipped with many settings and options to choose from. You can literally have No Hands Proxies scraping public proxies for each specific tool/method in which you plan on using these proxies for. Since the beginning of its launch it has received many positive reviews online. Which is somewhat surprising since competitor software has not had near the amount of praise that No Hands Proxies has received so far, despite it’s short time frame here on the internet.

No Hands Proxies was launched in the month of February and Year 2014. I am not a user of the No Hands SEO Software but I noticed that there is not much buzz on the net around that software either. Seems a bit fishy to me because every SEO I talk to or follow on the forums give good reviews about the No Hands SEO software as well.

It might be that it actually is a great SEO software and people just want to keep it covert from the rest of the SEO population. I will be purchasing NHSEO soon so that I can give you guys a thorough review on it as well. I feel that the 7 day trial is not enough for even personal use.

There is also a 7 day trial for the No Hands Proxies software also by the way, if you would like to give it a go. Here are some of the options that No Hands proxies has within it’s settings below.

No Hands Proxies Settings

no hands proxies settings

As you can see, the setting within No Hands Proxies are pretty straight forward. In case you are confused about a certain option. Simply hovering over each option brings up this little yellow box you see there outlining the function of each specific option and even gives you an example of what it does.

These settings you see here are my own personal settings which I use when scraping proxies. They are very similar to the settings that the maker of No Hands Proxies has in his video tutorial on how to get No Hands Proxies up and running. As for the rest of the settings, I didn’t mess much with those since it was not necessary for my purpose of using these scraped proxies.

Only one I did use and make sure was ticked was the passed website checks option. If your using this for GSA Search Engine Ranker then you definitely want these proxies to be Google passed proxies. Here is the example below on how to get this done.

No Hands Proxies Passed Website Checks

NO hands proxies website checks

And now you are set to start scraping tons of proxies to import into GSA SER conveniently. I have managed to scrape thousands of Google passed proxies with this software and imported them into GSA SER effectively. As a result of this, I’ve built thousands of backlinks to my campaigns and most importantly thousands of those links have been verified links.

This software is normally $77 but you can get No Hands Proxies at an exclusive discounted price of only $57 here. Check out some of the reviews on No Hands Proxies by reputed Internet Marketers over at BHW.

No Hands Proxies Reviews

no hands proxies reviews


no hands proxies Trial

GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial

I’ve created a short video tutorial on GSA Search Engine Ranker so that you can get the most out this amazing software. GSA Search Engine Ranker is accountable for allot of my success in SEO. I always recommend it to everyone not only because I have experienced it first hand, but also because of it’s very low price tag. When comparing GSA Search Engine Ranker to other SEO software’s on the market today. It is the most wise investment that a newbie or seasoned internet marketer/SEO can make due to its power and results that it can deliver in such a short time frame. Enabling the user to get a great return on their investment in as little as a couple of months. Watch the video below to get an insight on just how powerful this software can be when using the right settings and options.


GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial 1


BuyProxies  – After using every proxy provider out there, I’ve came to the conclusion that BuyProxies is by far the best one out of the rest. When I have any issues with my order, support is top notch and responds to my queries accordingly all the time. If I have issues with proxies and need new ones, there are no stupid questions asked. New batch of proxies are sent to you in most of the time less than an hour. I recommend getting 10 private proxies for starters. If you want more submissions in GSA, the more proxies the better.

CheapPrivateProxies – Get the cheapest shared proxies on the net. At only $0.7 per proxy. You can’t go wrong. However, they only offer shared proxies. I still don’t understand why they’ve named their company Cheap Private Proxies. These are great for things like scraping and checking PRs. I also use them to submit links in conjunction with private proxies from BuyProxies.




The Elite SEO

Hello Guys, this is The Elite SEO here.

I’ve decided to create this site for publishing content around internet marketing and SEO. I have been in the industry for quite some time now and have gained enough knowledge about the industry to now be able to develop my own internet marketing blog. Here on this blog I will be sharing tips and tricks with internet marketers, SEOs, and newbies alike. I remember back when I first started out on my journey to internet marketing and SEO. It was quite a challenge trying to find the right information to go by.

Now that I am in the position to teach others. I feel that the best way would be to offer the information here on my blog for free. Since there are so many shady bloggers out there and internet marketer’s. My goal is for my information to spread around the web for everyone to see, without having to pay a penny. Please look around the site to find what you are interested in. If you need any help with something feel free to contact me via my contact form above.