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By | May 27, 2014
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A Review on: 301 Nuke

Blast your sites and videos towards the top of page one with the power of 301 Nuke. This software helps you create hundreds of shortened links in a matter of seconds. Saving you a ton of time from having to shorten links manually yourself.

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301 Nuke – How it Nukes Your Sites to #1!

301 Nuke is a new software that has just recently launched before the creation of this article right here which you are reading right now at this very moment. I noticed 301 Nuke on someone’s signature while browsing through the forums the other day. Seeing that a trusted member and good friend of mine was promoting the product, I knew I had to get my hands on it as well.

301 Nuke has been the cause of my success in getting allot more backlinks to my URLs.  Before getting the 301 Nuke Software I was having difficulty trying to build as many links as I could to my URLs with GSA Search Engine Ranker. Now I’m able to build thousands of extra links with the help of 301 Nuke.


301 nuke review


301 Nuke Best Practice Guide Bonus

301 nuke link indexing

Another nice thing about 301 Nuke is that it comes with a bonus guide that helps you get the software up and running in no time. The bonus guide also comes with some nice unique methods for shooting your site up to the top!

I will be giving you a little brief tutorial on how to get 301 Nuke set up and show you an excerpt from the bonus guide that comes with the software within the video below. Build tons of links to your sites with the help of 301 Nuke today.

This software has been kept pretty low key around the forums and not much has been mentioned about it if you do your research. But I do assure you that many big players in the SEO game have been exploiting this software conveniently for what it has to offer.

With the help of this great software you will be creating a bunch of shortened URLs in no time for your sites and videos. You not only get the benefit of shortened URLs but you also get the benefit of more protection for your money site.

If you are building links to your tier one URLs you will also be receiving added protection from these shortened URLs. Giving you the ability to just blast away at them with no problems. You can also get your 301s indexed right away by simply inserting you API key from your favorite link indexing site.


301 Nuke Sample Report

After your campaign has completed, the software automatically puts out a nice report containing your shortened URLs as a .txt file as seen below:


301 nuke sample

Get 301 Nuke – Begin Blasting Your Sites To #1 of Big G


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